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I am TOTALLY disturbed by these ads. So many thoughts. 1. This character is a crazy serial rapist that is played by a very limited actor who practically twirls his mustache in glee when he gets away with his crimes. 2. This show is pushing this baddie on it’s audience by being the one character that can routine terrorize and abuse the normally stalwart Olivia Benson. The ads practically scream “come see Mariska Hargitay get beat again! Will the villain get away?”. Gross. 3. Crimes against women is very real and by turning a character like this into a “stock baddie”, NBC is making a mockery of a very real epidemic.
I don’t mind seeing this kind of stuff on TV. SO many other shows take similar trips to this darkness (True Detective) but by making rape & abuse against women into popcorn fodder, NBC trivializes a very real subject into visual patina. THIS is what is truly disturbing.

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